3 makeup trend you should try this New Year

Espero que hayan pasado unas bonitas navidades, hoy les compartiré 4 tendencias de maquillaje de la temporada que deberías aplicar en Año Nuevo, sé que no he resuelto muy bien las constancia de estos post que por cierto son de los más populares pero muy pronto estaré con compartiendo información dirigida hacia los beauty lovers y por qué no fitness lover.
I hope you have spent a super  nice christmas, today I will share 4 makeup trends of the season you should apply in new year, I know I have not solved very well the constancy of these post that by the way are the most popular but very soon I will be  sharing information directed towards the beauty lovers and why not fitness lovers too.

Diamantina / Glitters and more Glitters

Sinceramente es de mis tendencias favoritas de maquillaje actualmente, los matices que crean con este tipo de sobras y apliques son geniales, el resultado es fabuloso y aunque es arriesgado y necesitas practicar la técnica para que quede bien, vale la pena intentarlo. Muchas marcas reconocidas están sacando líneas  especialmente de este maquillaje como MAC cosmetics y Urban Decay incluyendo glosses y sombras que integran de por si la diamantina, sin embargo debemos utilizarlo de manera sofisticada para no saturar tu maquillaje de diamantina por lo que sugiero definir precisamente el foco de intención en tu rostro; si son los labios debería tener un suave maquillaje el resto de rostro, sombras finas y contorno sutiles y viceversa  si quieres iluminar los ojos sin embargo aquí las características faciales suelen tener un poco más de protagonismo.
Honestly currently it's of my favorite makeup trends,  the nuances you create with this type of eye shadow and appliques are great, the result is fabulous and although it is risky and you need to practice the technique to make it well, it is worth trying. Many recognized brands are taking out lines especially of this make-up like MAC Cosmetics and Urban Decay including glosses and eye shadows that has glitters, however we must use it in a sophisticated way to not saturate your glitter makeup so I suggest defining precisely the focus of intent on your face; If they are lips should have a soft make-up the rest of face, fine eyeshadows and subtle contours and vice versa if you want to brighten your eyes however here the facial features tend to have a little more prominence. 


Brown look

Los colores tierras suelen ser utilizados para looks  simples y casuales, sin embargo la moda cambia constantemente y ahora los marrones pueden ser utilizados para eventos nocturnos. Emplear esta tendencia es sencillo, la técnica de Smokey Eyes  con labios mate es una opción o si prefieres  elevar las expectativas, sombras metalizadas conservando los labios opacos.
The brown colors are usually used for simple and casual looks, however the fashion changes constantly and now the browns can be used for night events. Using this trend is very  simple, the technique of smokey eyes with matt Lips is an option or if you prefer to raise expectations, metallic eyeshadows keeping the lips opaque.


Los clásicos labios rojos / Red Lips

Esta opción se ha convertido en un sello del maquillaje a lo largo del tiempo, qué grita más festividades que un labial rojo acompañado de un kilométrico cat eye, destacando la elegancia que genera este tipo de looks, que por cierto se encuentra tan familiarizado que seguro te saldrá perfecto en Año Nuevo.
This option has become a hallmark of makeup over time, what scream more holidays than a red lipstick accompanied by a kilometre cat eye, highlighting the elegance that generates this kind of looks, which by the way is so familiar that sure you It'll be perfect in New Year's


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32 comentarios

  1. Amo el glitter trend! Excelentes elecciones.

    xo | Cindy Elena

  2. I love glitter on the eyes and the lips!!! But as you said one at a time!

    Olga from Myme

  3. If I could have someone make it look like THAT, I'd be so down to try all of these haha. When I do glitter, it just looks like I had a little too much fun crafting with my 1st graders. Maybe some tutorials are in order? Or I'll just stick to a simple red lip and call it good :).
    Happy holidays babe!

    Susie | http://milehighdreamers.com

  4. I love the glittery lipstick and eyeshadow.
    Too bad im not good at it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  5. glitter and more glitter! fab looks xx


  6. The first makeup look is AMAZING!!!!

  7. Those brown and caramel tones are so gorgeous and universally flattering - I'll definitely be giving that a go sometime soon! Also, YES to glitter anything and everything! haha :)


  8. Whoa, that glittered lips are so pretty! I don't know if I can be brave enough to try it though. But red lips, I can definitely do.


  9. I am all about the red lips! It is so bold and chic!


  10. A mi ahora me ha dado muchísimo por los labios rojos, son lo más!!



  11. very pretty, I like a lot!
    kisses, Julia

  12. The glitter red lips are something that I must try! <3


  13. All these makeup trends look beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  14. Hello,

    Oh, lovely !

    Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.fr

  15. your info is quite helpful to forever.This article important and really good the for me is.Keep it up and thanks to the writer.


  16. I really want to get into glitter in 2018. Your post has inspired me!

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel

  17. So beautiful...


  18. Thank you for sharing! I'm sure Claire will find that interesting.

    Nicolas from Dresscape

  19. Loooove the glitter lips, I already tried it and loved it! Thought it woud be too crazy but actually looks amazing on! Thanks for sharing my lovely xoxo

    With love from London,


  20. I like the glitters and red lips trend. I am so excited to try new trends this year!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  21. That's just awesome, Thank you for sharing this valuable information I will have to give that a try!.
    cat eye the liner

  22. That's just awesome, Thank you for sharing this valuable information I will have to give that a try!.

  23. I like the glitters and red lips trend. I am so excited to try new trends this year!

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